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Health Mastery (Recorded Workshop)

Amazing Health Secrets That Can Transform Your Life Forever

If you are someone who is tired of living life with low level of energy, taking medicine daily, trying to lose weight, Trying every possible diet and exercise, without any visible results; If You are Really frustrated with the health challenges that is taking over your life, Then you are not alone.

This program will help you

  • To have more energy
  • Look Younger
  • To have great immunity to protect you against disease
  • To lose weight in a healthy way & keep it off
  • With that all developing a healthy relationship with food and exercise

The “Health Mastery” workshop is a unique, powerful program to become fitter, younger, lose weight and reverse your diseases and reach your peak health. It is a recorded program which is accessible for 1 year on our “Life Gurukul” application which you can download from the play store or app store.

This course is not a new diet or doesn’t give you a strict exercise or lifestyle plan, it’s a habit-driven solution for overall well-being. If you can build healthier eating and movement habits, you will naturally start healing. It’s not only immensely effective, but it’s also easier and more enjoyable.

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13 Apr 2024

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: 12 - 13 Apr 2024
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