Shivangi Desai

Mrs Shivangi Desai is a Certified Health and Life Coach. She is a Parenting Coach. She has been into training field since 2008. In spite of being a ranker in school and college days, she always wanted to choose a different career path where she could bring real transformation in the lives of people. Her passion and enthusiasm for creating real and lasting change in people’s behaviour, habits and beliefs have been incomparable. Anyone who attends her live sessions becomes spellbound by the way of presentation and the real and relatable examples of the society.  Her videos on parenting tips have been watched by millions of people across the world. Her engaging, participative and highly energetic live training sessions on relationships and parenting have been attended by lakhs of people. Her work has been recognized by numerous media including  Divya Bhaskar, Sandesh, Gujarat Samachar, Ab Tak Channel and Radio Mirchi. She is also a Pranic Psychotherapist (World Pranic Healing Foundation, Philippines), Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist (California Hypnosis Institute, USA), Reiki Healer (Holistic Healing Foundation, India), Crystal Healer (Holistic Healing Foundation, India), Neuro-Linguistic-Programming Practitioner, Tarot Card Reader & Trainer, Handwriting Analyst, Acupressure Therapist, Angel Healer, Colour Therapist and a B-licensed Skydiver. As a Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist, she has coached many people from various backgrounds to overcome their health challenges and achieve the desired goal. It is her vision to give people real awareness about health. She has been invited by many esteemed organisations, schools, colleges and corporates to deliver sessions on health, happiness, motivation, spirituality, relationship and parenting. She has been a part of an NGO which runs the biggest volunteer movement across the country and that works for the underprivileged section of the society including deaf and dumb school, blind school, orphanages, old age homes and municipal schools.


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